The Buddy-Concept


What is the Buddy-Concept?

The Buddy-Concept is all about bringing the relationship between you and your horse to the next level. It is about you and your animal learning and growing together while establishing a harmonic and easy two-way-communication between the two of you.

With the Buddy-Concept you get the chance to meet and treat your animal as your partner and friend – as your buddy. From this basis the two of you will be able to conquer all problems, to try all sorts of new activities that you both enjoy and to spend your time in harmony.

The Buddy-Concept-Coaching: Communication instead of conditioning

The Buddy-Concept is no method, no training and no conditioning of your animal. It’s not a way to get your animal to do what you want. It is based on telepathic animal communication and therefore an act of true listening, which is based on a direct and clear two-way-communication. It is the best means to clarify what you and your animal need from each other to feel save and enjoy your time together.

Coaching vis-à-vis

The Buddy-Concept-Coaching is a combination of telepathic communication and a follow-up live-coaching at your place. Therefore, the Buddy-Concept-Coaching is only available in northern Germany at the moment. The coaching is available for horses and dogs owners.

If you’re interested in booking a Buddy-Concept-Coaching-Session with me in Denmark, Holland or Belgium (or any other country) and need more information, please contact me via E-Mail. Also if you are looking into booking me as a speaker and/or practitioner for a retreat (worldwide), please send me a message!


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