Hi there!

My name is Janika, I’m 28 years old and I use telepathy to talk to animals. That might sound very strange to a lot of people, but it works really well.

Giving animals a voice and creating a better understanding between animals and their owners is the most meaningful and valuable work I’ve ever done. Therefore, I’m extremely grateful being able to call animal communication my profession!

Sometimes a good talk is all that’s needed…

Problems very often develop due to a lack of communication between two individuals or due to a misunderstanding. That is quite the same between humans and animals. As we humans sometimes need to employ mediators to solve our relationship-problems, you can hire me to talk with your animal: I can simply ask them e.g. how they are, what is wrong and what they wish for.

The Buddy-Concept

The Buddy-Concept derived from the understanding that true friendship is based on a two-way-communication, in which we acknowledge and accept our buddy’s concerns, feelings and wishes. 

Since our animals are great teachers and can easily help us to develop our personalities, the Buddy-Concept is all about getting to know the ways how we and our animals can overcome our problems, start living together in harmony and help each other develop.