About me



This page should rather be called „About us“, since without Buddy there wouldn’t be any Buddy-Concept. And who knows if I had found my way to animal communication without him…

Buddy is my soulhorse, my best friend and above all my greatest teacher. He is unweary when it comes to showing me my issues and challenging me with them. In doing so he always is very kind and friendly at first, but if I don’t listen, he can become very loud and clear.

His insistence and forgiveness have taught me a great amount of humility – he is so much wiser than me in so many ways.


I studied protestant theology, religious studies and cultural anthropology and the combination of these subjects allowed me to learn a lot of scientific theories and methodologies about spirituality and the search for the meaning of life.

Self-development and life-coaching are subjects that have always interested me and from my earliest youth on I knew that I wanted to find a profession that would allow me to help people to utilize their potential to the fullest.

My travels to New Zealand, Australia and Iceland opened up the dimensions of energetic healing to me and allowed me to recover my trust into the universe. I learned about the law of attraction and I regained the awareness that each animal has a soul and an individual personality that wants to be heard and noticed and understood.


A unique mixture

The combination of my recent apprenticeships (horse whisperer/animal communication and systemic coach) has made a great impact on my way towards my vocation and my life task: With the Buddy-Principle-Coaching I’m finally able to combine all my strengths. I can serve humans and animals by helping them to improve their communication and by bringing true harmony to their relationships.

I finally found a way of making this world a better place and that makes me incredibly happy!