Animal Communication

A lost sense 

Animal communication is the telepathic exchange of information with animals. The ability to send and receive information telepathically is given to every living being, however, most humans don’t use this ability – their sixth sense – anymore and therefore it withers.

While talking to an animal, my sixth sense utilizes all my other senses: I receive words and sentences, images, “movie scenes”, body sensations, smells, flavors and emotions. Therefore, during our conversation I can ask about all the relevant aspects concerning a topic and use our dialogue to send messages and information to the animal. 

What is needed?

To start a telepathic conversation with your animal, all I need is a photo, which doesn’t need to be a recent one and the name or nickname that you usually call it by. Since the communication with your animal is mere telepathic, the physical distance between me and your animal is irrelevant. I talk to animals all over the world on a regular basis (e.g. Holland, France, Australia and New Zealand).  

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